What to Expect During LASIK Surgery

We have written at length about the reasons why you should consider LASIK surgery. The benefits are well-documented and the risks are incredibly low. But you may still have some lingering questions about the surgery itself.

How long is it? Will you feel anything during the procedure? Will you have to stay in recovery for a long time once it is over?

Of course, this experience varies slightly for each person depending on their individual needs. But to help clear the air, here is what you can expect during LASIK surgery:

Preparing for Surgery

Before surgery is even an option, you will have a LASIK consultation with your ophthalmologist. They will examine your eyes, review your health history, and determine if LASIK is right for you.

Of course, even after you get the green light from your doctor, the decision about whether or not to have LASIK is ultimately up to you. Make sure you share any concerns you have with your doctor.

You will also need to think through the logistics of the actual surgery. Do you have a friend or family member who can drive you to and from the surgery? Can you afford to take some time off to rest and let your eye recover? These are all things to think through before deciding to go forward with LASIK.

On the Day of Surgery

Before your surgery, your doctor will give you numbing eye drops so you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. They may also give you a mild sedative to help you relax.

An instrument called the lid speculum will hold your eyes open. This may sound scary but it’s a good thing; this ensures you don’t have to worry about accidentally blinking during surgery.

Your surgeon will create a corneal flap and then adjust the laser for your prescription. The laser will then send short pulses of light into your cornea. As it does this, it is actually reshaping the cornea. You may feel some pressure during this part of the procedure.

Recovering After Surgery

Recovery time is different for everyone but you will be happy to hear that most people recover fairly quickly. Your eyes will be incredibly sensitive to light immediately following the surgery and many patients report a burning feeling or gritty sensation.

Give yourself plenty of time to rest after LASIK. It can take time for your vision to stabilize but it should be stable within six months. Make sure you follow up with your doctor if you don’t feel like your eyes are healing the way they should.

Choosing to have LASIK surgery is a personal decision but we are here to inform you of your options. Contact us today to set up your LASIK consultation.