4 Signs You're A Great Candidate For LASIK

LASIK allows people to see clearly without being hindered by glasses or contacts. Your vision should be your own, and seeing with your own eyes will allow you to experience your world in a better way. The only problem is— LASIK isn’t right for everyone. Certain things may make the procedure less safe or effective, and while it is already one of the safest surgeries, most of the problems have a solution or an alternative measure. Here are some ways to know if LASIK is the right choice for you!   

1. You Have A Stable Prescription.

LASIK is designed to give you better vision, permanently. However, if your vision prescription has been fluctuating, you run the risk of having your vision incorrectly adjusted if you got LASIK. This is why most surgeons will need you to have a solid prescription record for at least a year. This is also the reason why many people wait until they are in their 20s to have the surgery done, as your eyesight changes constantly, due to rapidly changing hormones while you are growing. Pregnancy hormones can also impact your prescription, so if you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, you will need to wait until several months after nursing has stopped.

2. You Have Healthy Eyes.

After LASIK, your eyes will be more susceptible to infection than normal. During your recovery, you will need to be extra careful not to allow foreign contaminants into your eyes, such as dust, dirt, water, or chemicals from things like makeup or lotions. If you have a history with eye disease before LASIK, you will need to take care of any infections before you will be considered for LASIK. If you have had eye injuries in the past that left significant scarring, that may also affect your eligibility status for qualifying as a LASIK candidate.

3. Your Corneas Are Thick Enough.

Your eyes and eyesight are as unique to you as your fingerprint. This is the reason custom LASIK has become the industry standard for LASIK. However, one thing that makes your eyes unique is how thick you corneas are. LASIK requires a minimum amount of corneal tissue to be present in order to ensure that you can properly recover from surgery. If you are found to have abnormally thin corneas, don’t despair. PRK is a perfectly safe alternative to LASIK and just as effective. While it may be associated with a slightly longer recovery time compared to LASIK, PRK gives patients another option to free themselves from glasses!

4. You Are Willing To Comply With Your Doctor.

In order to achieve success with LASIK, it is important to be a team with your LASIK surgeon. Following instructions before, during, and after the procedure is crucial to getting the results you want. These instructions will include not wearing contacts for several weeks before the operation as they can temporarily change the shape of your cornea, arranging a ride from our clinic in Redbank, NJ as you will be unable to drive directly after the surgery, and attending all post-operation checkups so that your doctor can monitor your recovery closely.     

Come schedule a consultation with us to find out if LASIK is the right choice once and for all!