LASIK Patient

When dealing with your health and well-being, it’s okay to be picky about who you trust. This is especially true when deciding on a surgeon, especially when choosing a LASIK surgeon. It may be time-consuming, but it’s important to do your research and pick the LASIK surgeon who is right for you. This is key for vision correction and a successful recovery after LASIK. If you’re feeling nervous about picking the right LASIK surgeon, just keep reading for helpful tips!

Personal And Online Reviews

One of the greatest things about today’s society is the power of the internet. You can access almost any kind of information that you want to. If you’re concerned about a LASIK practice’s reputation, you can do research by reading their online reviews. This can give you a good idea of how a practice works, if patients are generally satisfied with their results, and if patients would get LASIK with their surgeon again. You can also find out if a practice has a good success rate with vision correction surgeries. It never hurts to find out what other patients think!

If you know somebody who has interacted with the surgeon, then that is even better. A solid in-person review can be more valuable than several anonymous reviews online. Make sure to not only ask about their current vision but about the professionalism of the doctor and his or her staff.

Learn About The Surgeon’s Experience And Education

It can be easy to assume that a surgeon has all of their proper credentials and licensing, but it never hurts to double check. Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor directly, and pay attention to their answer— they should never be defensive or dismissive about it. Gaining your trust means taking your eyesight seriously and being open and honest with any questions you have. If their answers don’t sit well with you, that might be a sign to keep searching for a LASIK surgeon.

Listen To Your Instincts

One of the most important steps when picking a LASIK surgeon is to set up a face to face LASIK consultation. It’s crucial to know that even if you come in for a consultation, you have no obligation to undergo LASIK with that practice. Instead, pay attention to how you feel when you visit the practice and engage with the staff. Take note of things like:

  • Is the office clean? Hygiene is important in any professional setting, but it’s most important in a medical office.
  • Is the staff friendly? A surgeon is only as good as the people supporting them. If you do not feel welcome at their business, then that is a huge red flag that should not be ignored
  • Does it feel like you are being “sold” the procedure? LASIK should primarily be about making your eyesight as clear as possible, not about the surgeon maximizing profits. It should already be understood that they are running a business, but if it seems like the doctor is cutting corners or recommending LASIK even though it might not be safe for you, then you shouldn’t consider them.

At Atlantic Laser Vision Center in Little Silver, NJ, we pride ourselves on maintaining a quality and professional service for our patients. Come to visit and see for yourself at a LASIK consultation!