Dr. Goldberg’s passion for ophthalmology and innovation in refractive and corneal surgery translates to a specially designed laser vision center for patients in Monmouth County.

From all-laser LASIK to a dedicated, well-ventilated surgery room with both lasers in one place, the Atlantic Laser Center is built to provide each patient with the best technology available, the latest procedures, and a comfortable, informative environment. To that end, we spare no expense in staff, equipment, or physical plant.

For example, we have two waiting rooms. One in front, and a special family room directly adjacent to the surgery room. Our family waiting room is equipped with powerful direct link technology that allows interested or just nervous family members to watch the procedure exactly as the doctor sees it.

It’s a great source of comfort and knowledge, and it’s just one of the many special touches we’ve assembled to make the Atlantic Laser Center as comfortable as possible.

The facility is also equipped with a vast array of computer scanning and optical equipment that we use to create a personalized view of your eyes. Our Visante corneal analysis technology measures your eyes with 3-D analysis and greater accuracy and detail than traditional topography measurements. We create and examine three-dimensional views of your eyes to help understand which procedure might help you see the best you possibly can.

Come by for a free consultation with Dr. Goldberg for what may be the most thorough, impressive eye exam of your life. You’ll like what you see.

About Our Staff for Laser Eye Surgery

The staff at our Laser Surgery facility is a special part of the entire surgery experience at Atlantic Laser Vision Center. Our team of certified ophthalmic assistants and technicians is chosen for their exceptional technical, surgical, and patient support skills. They share the enthusiasm generated by our mission to provide the finest in refractive surgery. They excel in teamwork and individually in their skills to utilize our advanced technologies to achieve our patients’ goals.

For more information on how Dr. Goldberg can help you improve your vision, call or contact us today!