For those living with keratoconus, dealing with blurry, distorted vision can be truly frustrating. Keratoconus is a progressive condition that causes the cornea to become “cone-shaped”, resulting in blurry vision. Keratoconus was not always easily treated. However, the past few decades have seen some vast improvements in how we treat keratoconus. Intacs corneal inserts are part of that vast improvement.

What are Intacs?

Intacs Corneal Inserts Example
Intacs corneal inserts provide a minimally invasive surgical option for those living with keratoconus. Intacs are two tiny, crescent-shaped inserts that are implanted into the cornea. These inserts help reshape the cornea and improve vision. Intacs are made of the same clear, biocompatible material used to make intraocular lenses that are used during cataract surgery.

The Intacs Procedure

Intacs ExampleThe Intacs procedure is simple and quick, taking only around 15 minutes to complete. The Intacs is performed in our office in Little Silver. You should, however, bring someone who can drive you home after the procedure.

Before inserting the Intacs implants, your surgeon will numb your eyes. You may also receive a mild oral sedative to calm your nerves. When your eyes are numb, your surgeon will begin by creating a “tunnel” between the layers of the corneal stroma using an Intralase laser. Your surgeon will then insert the Intacs into these tunnels. After that, the procedure is over!

Your results will depend on the degree of keratoconus before beginning the procedure. Those with moderate keratoconus may still need to use soft contact lenses or glasses to improve vision. Those with more advanced keratoconus may need rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Intacs and be combined with corneal crosslinking treatments to further strengthen the cornea and prevent progression.

If you have keratoconus and are considering Intacs, be sure to contact Atlantic Laser Center as soon as possible!