Visian ICL Little Silver | Implantable Contact Lenses Red BankImplantable contact lenses (ICL) are an alternative to LASIK and are typically reserved for patients with keratoconus or severe myopia that cannot be treated with laser vision correction. Dr. Goldberg was one of the first doctors in the country to offer this treatment, which involves placing an artificial lens between the cornea and the iris, or just behind the iris. To implant the lens, the doctor will create a microscopic incision. Depending on the type of ICL you receive, he may close the incision with tiny, dissolvable sutures, or it may heal on its own in just a few days. The ICL does not replace the natural lens, but corrects the refraction of light focused on the retina. To meet your unique needs, we proudly offer both VerisyseTM phakic IOLs and VisianTM ICLs.