Freedom from glasses is now possible for more types of focusing errors than ever before. We now have new advances and options for the correction of astigmatism (difficulty with distance and near vision) and presbyopia (difficulty with near vision and reading). This is in addition to correction for near-sighted (myopic) or far-sighted (hyperopic) vision. These advanced procedures can benefit patients with laser vision correction (LASIK and PRK), and also at the time of intraocular lens surgery for dysfunctional lens syndrome (age 50-60) and cataract (age 60+). Serving the people of Little Silver, Red Bank, Asbury Park, Point Pleasant Beach, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Goldberg is a comprehensive refractive surgeon specializing in a full range of treatment options including laser vision correction and advanced refractive intraocular lens surgery.  Find out more about correcting astigmatism and correcting presbyopia.